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MakerX - Digital product development and business building for ventures

We solve problems

Our decades of experience developing mobile and web applications, cloud infrastructure, AI/ML systems, and product strategies offer clients an end-to-end digital business building capability. We are available to lead and support ventures of any size, from self-funded startups to enterprise grade projects, anywhere in the world.

MAY 2023-MAY 2024AUS

What it's like at MakerX

Our Makers are remote-first, flexible and collaborative. We’re creative entrepreneurs. We’re empathetic, humble and curious.

We are a certified Great Place To Work in Australia.

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      • "They say: people leave managers not companies, and I add “join” as well. Back in 2015, I left my comfort zone in Egypt and came to work with Rob and Matt. After 7 years, I didn’t think twice when they offered me to join them. Working with them provides me with a true blend of trust, fun, learning and flexibility."
        Mo Zaatar Engineer
      • "I love how flexible we are. I work best in a couple of blocks a day rather than a continuous stretch. So I can work a few hours, do some chores, work a few hours, go for a walk and work a few more. For me it’s great to structure my day in a way that really suits me."
        Donna Spencer Designer
      • "A work life balance is a key to living a fulfilling life. I love working at MakerX because of the flexibility, my overly awesome colleagues, and the great projects we work on."
        Wade Baglin Engineer